About Torspark Collaborative. Data-Driven. Modern.

Torspark is a sales funnel consultancy run by Chris Olds and Tania Lyerly. Yep, we're a 2-person shop, and we're proud of it. We don't see any reason to pretend that our company is any bigger. Besides, this means that you're always communicating with the people who will actually be doing the work. No need to worry about things getting "lost in translation" when the sales guy passes the work off to another employee.

Speaking of communicating, why don't you shoot us an email? We love to help, and we respond to every single one.

We Are Collaborative.

Torspark is a 2-person team. Chris & Tania. Tania & Chris. Two heads are better than one, right? Right. We collaborate on everything. With each other AND with you. First, we diagnose and plug any holes in your sales funnel. Then, we work with you to methodically optimize every step of the funnel to boost your conversions. Hands-on or hands-off, we will collaborate with you every step of the way!

We Are Data-Driven.

We love science! Ok, we love the scientific method. Numbers don’t lie. Our solutions are based on extensive research, years of experience, and analysis of a lot of test results (yay data!). We don’t just assume; we prove it!

We Are Modern.

We keep up to date on current trends and best practices for sales funnel optimization and improvement, business strategies, responsive web design, and web marketing. Tap into our expertise!

We Provide Straightforward Solutions.

It's simple. We want to make your sales funnel make more money for you! Our solutions focus on A/B testing and actionable techniques to improve your conversions. We're also available for a few consulting projects if you need something a little more custom. Check out what Torspark can do for you!

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The Team

Chris Olds

I've been a software developer/consultant in one form or another since 2005. If you want to stretch the definition a little, I helped some companies develop their e-commerce solutions back in the ancient times (by internet standards), around 2001. Torspark llc was officially created in early 2011.

Tania Lyerly

I’m a mixture of right brain meets left brain, which is why CRO is awesome! I get to mix writing content and digital strategy with math and analytics.

My content strategy and creation is always based on research, never guesswork. (I can research the bazingas out of pretty much anything and write about it thanks to a Communication Studies and History degree from Northwestern University.)

At the same time I love looking at analytics, crunching numbers, and being an all-round math geek. A multi-industry background enables me to connect better and faster with understanding the why’s and what’s behind clients’ business needs.

How can we help you?

If any of the following questions strike a chord, then I think it's about time we had a conversation. Learn more about our solutions here.

  • Are you interested in split-testing, but don't know where to start? We'll help you configure your process so you can start making data-driven decisions.
  • Looking to get more engagement from your audience? Let's set up an email marketing campaign.
  • Want to sell stuff online, aka, e-commerce? Let us set it up right. Or, if you're already up and running, how about we optimize it to make sure you're getting the most sales out of your traffic.
  • Are you tired of playing telephone with a larger firm? You'll always get a direct response from us as soon as possible.
  • Always wanted your own custom, fast website? We build those, too.
  • Does your code base look like spaghetti? Italian is our favorite type of food.

Send us a message if you're looking for some help with any of these questions.


Working with Chris was a great experience. From the beginning of the project, he offered strategic and creative ways to meet my goals for a one page rsvp website. He offered three different ideas with three different price points, and was very quick to respond when I asked questions about each option. Once the project started, he completed the design very quickly, exceeding the timeline and finishing the project before the deadline. He went above and beyond, was professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend working with Chris. Mindy Klement, Director of Marketing, ARC
Tania is a communication genius. She evokes outside the box thinking through thoughtful and insightful questions. Her discerning thought process allows her to be thorough in clarifying and helping to define the needs of her client, while her ability to get to the heart of an issue and simplify rhetoric was a godsend when it came to refining Black Mamba Protection’s market segmentation objectives and the intentions of various communication based projects. I highly recommend Tania! Daniel Fisk, Vice President, Black Mamba Protection
You have consistently delivered the level of quality we aspire to deliver, and did it to a standard that often exceeded our expectations. You are a pleasure to work with, even during 'crunch time' when a deadline is looming, and the pace is frantic. Larry V., COO, Software Development Firm