Torspark Catalyst
Improving your business day by day, month by month

You already know you're supposed to be A/B testing, but where do you start? What changes do you make? How do you know you are making the right decisions?

Have you tried to make changes in the past? Maybe you redesigned your website a time or two? How much did that cost you? Do you know if it improved your conversions? On the plus side, your website looks pretty...

This is why we need to look to the data. A/B testing is the best way to gather valuable conversion data. If you aren’t split testing, you should be. If you aren't using data to make decisions about your business, how do you know if you're making the right ones?

A/B testing let’s you customize to the uniqueness of your customers
All the blogs and all the marketing books that we read are general rules. They are guidelines that people have found through years of A/B testing. Those are great to get you started. They are best practices, and you can build a good site that converts reasonably well with those.

But your customers and your site are always going to be more unique than these general rules can handle. And so you are leaving money on the table if you don’t A/B test your website.  Rob Walling, Startups for the Rest of Us

Frankly, we love using A/B testing to optimize conversion funnels. Why? Because little changes can have big results. And big changes can move the needle significantly!

If you’ve already started to research A/B testing, you know that there is a lot of confusing sales and marketing speak. There’s quite a bit of knowhow involved in learning the tools, analyzing the data, running the tests properly, and implement the winning variations. All while wading through the embellished marketing speak.

If you try to figure out everything by yourself, it’s going to cost you a lot of time and money (those tools add up quick!). Even if you have the time, is that what you want you or your staff focused on?

What if we could give you a stress-free, mess-free alternative to A/B testing on your own? What if you could watch your business grow every month thanks to the power of compounding improvements in your conversion rates?

Catalyst The straightforward A/B testing solution for your business

A catalyst sparks change. Let Catalyst be the spark for your conversion funnel.

Torspark’s Catalyst offers you a fixed cost conversion optimization solution customized to your business.

This means increasing your conversions, boosting your revenue, and not leaving any more money on the table. And we will do it in layman’s terms that make it easy to understand what is truly going on.

We use the scientific method when making decisions on what to test and implement. Our analysis is based on extensive qualitative and quantitative research, best practices, and lots (and lots) of data.

We are 100% data-driven.

Any changes we make are because the right data tells us to, not our feelings, intuition, or the Force (not even Yoda could predict the future, so we figure we’ll stick with the data).

What Torspark Catalyst includes:

  • Our conversion funnel optimization best practices that you can implement right away
  • A methodical qualitative and quantitative analysis of key pages on your website with Immediate Action Steps to improve them
  • We’ll craft and monitor multiple A/B tests for you each month
  • We’ll implement* the winning versions every month
    • We can implement changes faster if you give us direct access to wherever your code or content resides (GitHub, Bitbucket, Wordpress, etc). One less thing for you to have to worry about. :)
  • A monthly report that includes:
    • A summary of the tests we ran with their results
    • The upcoming tests we plan to run
    • Heat maps to track where people are clicking on your website
    • Everything broken down so it’s straightforward and easy to understand

Who is this solution for?

Catalyst is perfect for small to medium sized businesses that are ready to make changes to optimize their conversion funnel. We help businesses plug the leaks in their sales funnel and make more money.

If you already have a respectable amount of traffic, Catalyst will help you optimize your conversions. This makes the most of your current and future traffic. Basically, we want to help you make more money now, and even more money in the future.

You should have at least 3,000 visitors and 250 conversions per month. The more you have, the better. (We can run more test variations and move faster with more visitors). If you don’t have that many visitors or conversions, we can still run tests. But honestly, the tests will take longer and could struggle to become statistically significant.

Choose Catalyst if you want everything told to you straight, no fluff. You won’t need a dictionary or textbook to understand what we show you. If you still want the confusing marketing fluff speak, we’ll give that to you too. On the house! :)

How much is it?

Catalyst costs $1750 per month. You will be charged once a month for as long as you’d like Torspark to continue optimizing your conversion funnel (and making your business more money!).

Right now, we have 1 slot available. We only take on a handful of clients at a time to ensure we're always delivering value to each one.

Let's Get Started. $1750/month.

Purchase 3 months in advance & save $300

No long-term consulting contracts or drawn out sales process. You’re free to cancel at any time.

We recommend you plan to stick with it for at least 3 months (but we won’t force you to). A/B testing takes time. Some win, some lose. We suggest running tests for at least two business cycles before declaring a winner. This lowers the risk of any false positives. If you aren't sure what your online business cycle is, we can help you figure it out. Generally, it's one to three weeks, but it depends on how your traffic ebbs and flows.

Honestly, a majority of tests probably won’t be statistically significant. But the ones that are significant make it worth all the effort. You’ll get to reap the gains from those proven positive changes for years to come.

While you will see changes to your conversions, these won’t happen overnight. Three months gives us a chance to run a variety of tests, implement successful versions, and confirm the true value of the changes. We’ll give you a call before your fourth month to see how you’re feeling about the process. This is an opportunity to see if we are a good fit to continue working together.

Benefits of A/B testing and optimizing your website

If you are still on the fence about A/B testing, or A/B testing with us, here are a few things to think about.

  • We are a neutral 3rd party that offers an outside perspective. Sometimes you don’t know where to start or what to test because you are too close to the problem. We will provide you with objective insights that you can take to the bank (after we test them, of course).
  • Remember that site redesign we talked about earlier? What if you could have increased conversions and revenue for a fraction of the cost via A/B testing?
  • Did we mention that there are two of us? You are getting two minds figuring out everything and working for you, not just one. Two people doing research, running tests, analyzing the data, and answering all of your questions.